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95-015 Głowno,
ul. Sikorskiego 3b
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phone. +48 42 235 24 24
fax. +48 42 710 60 01

Fruits and Vegetables
Piotr Płaszczyk
phone. +48 42 235 24 35
mobile. +48 691 521 073

Tomasz Sałek
phone. +48 42 235 24 34
mobile. +48 723 984 918

Ronald Milnikel
phone. +48 42 235 24 29
mobile. +48 723 984 914

Agata Tybu¶
phone. +48 42 235 24 36
mobile. +48 723 981 821

Ladies and Gentlemen,
CELMIT is a rapidly growing company that operates in frozen products for over 10 years.
We mainly trade in frozen fruits and vegetables, but our offer is never closed, we are always looking for new markets and new assortments. We currently offer over 100 different products from a wide selection of fruit and vegetables, through herbs, concentrates, sugar, until fats, vegetable oils and flours.
Verified suppliers are our guarantee of high quality goods. We work with major food producers in Poland. We also intensively develop the network of our suppliers and customers abroad. We have solid business relationships with countries such as Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Ukraine, Moldova.
Our biggest strengths are a thorough knowledge of the market, years of experience in the industry and a properly prepared team of specialists.
Please feel free to contact us!

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